About Hashing

What Is A Hash?

The Hash House Harriers, commonly abbreviated to H3, is an international, but loosely connected, organisation of social running groups. An event organised by such a group is known as a Hash, with participants calling themselves Hashers. These groups meet at regular intervals to partake of a little exercise followed by some serious socialising.

What Does The DH3 Do?

The DH3 runs from different locations each Monday evening before sunset. Prior to the run, one or more members, the Hares, set a trail using straws, paint, chalk or flour. This trail is then followed by the remainder of the group, usually taking around 45 minutes. As well as meeting each Monday, the DH3 has an active calendar of social events.

Do I Need To Be An Athlete?

Certainly not! The runs are set to suit all levels of fitness with plenty of check points along the way, allowing the slower runners and walkers to catch up. You may run/walk/talk/shortcut as you wish. Hashing is strictly non-competitive.

What Happens After The Run?

Once everyone has returned, the Hash is called to order and the Circle commences. The GM and the RA welcome any newcomers, welcome back the welcome backs, and administer liquid "punishments," known as down downs, to those who may have transgressed in any way either on the run, or during the previous week. Some of the charges may be slightly exaggerated for comic effect. After the Circle, food is served.

How Much Does It Cost?

50 AED. For this you get the run, unlimited liquid "refreshments," food and great entertainment.

How Do I Join?

Simply check the details for the next run and come along in your running gear. If you are completely clueless when it comes to following a map (as most of the DH3 are) contact the Hares or someone from the mismanagement.